The Y is for social responsibility

Every day we are giving back and providing support to our neighbors through social services, volunteerism and giving.

For Youth Development

for youth development

Through child care, summer camp, and teen programs, the Y provides our youth with the tools they need to grow and develop. You can nurture the potential of every child and teen with your gift to the Y.


Children who fall behind in kindergarten will likely spend their school years struggling to catch up.

Children who grow up in poverty and attend a quality preschool program are more likely to do well in school and earn more than their peers. The Y offers full-day preschools at the North Richmond and Downtown YMCAs for approximately 150 children, almost all of whom receive financial assistance.

Your gift of $250 provides one month of preschool education for one child.

After-School Programs

The hours of 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. are the most dangerous hours in the day for unsupervised children.

Our Y is the largest child care provider in the Commonwealth. Every day, 1,600 children spend after-school hours in the care of trained and caring professional YMCA staff. They benefit from homework help and a nutritious snack, participate in physical activity, and experience the core values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Your gift of $60 keeps one child safe after school for one week.


Teens who drop out of school will, on average, receive $320,000 in government assistance in their lifetime.

The offers teens informal opportunities to drop in and hang out with friends and Y counselors. They can complete homework on a computer or work out. Some participate in more structured programs that stress academic achievement and community service. In all programs, teens are in a safe and nurturing environment that helps them develop into responsible adults.

Your gift of $550 will send one teen to the Blue Ridge Leaders School in Asheville, NC for one week of intensive training with other teens from the mid-Atlantic region.